Costco Gets A Small (Customer Experience) Detail Right

couponsWe are avid Costco shoppers at my house and if you’re like me you look forward to the monthly coupon book. Deals like $3.50 off a 7-pack of toothpaste really make my year. Wow, I just read that back and realize how sad that sounds.

I visited Costco this evening on my way home from the office and as my cashier T.J. was ringing me up he said, “Hey don’t worry about coupons. If any apply to your order I already have them and will make sure they get applied.”  In all he saved me $4.90.   On a large order that’s a fairly small amount but such a BIG gesture. Not only did T.J. save me money, he saved me the trouble of toting coupons around.

This is yet another reminder of how a very small gesture improved my customer experience. Take the time to empower your customer service team to favor your customers and you will see more happy and loyal customers. Thank you to Costco and T.J.


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