Customer Delight In 6 Simple Steps

redbox-free-movie-codesIt was Christmas night and I was in the mood for a movie.  Thankfully Redbox machines don’t take a holiday.  The following article is my entire process of getting support from Redbox, on a holiday no less.

Step 1- The Problem
I went online and reserved a movie only to be met with the sinking feeling that I had reserved it at a Redbox several miles away rather than the one right down the street from my house.

Step 2- The Self Service
Wanting to correct my mistake, I scanned the Redbox knowledge base and learned that I could not cancel my order or change the location of the reservation.

Step 3- The Customer Service
I opted to use chat support when I didn’t find the answer in their knowledge base.  Given that it was Christmas, it felt a bit like a hail mary pass, but what the heck.  To my delight, I was connected with an agent in less than a minute.

Step 4- The Solution
The agent quickly understood my problem and told me that he couldn’t even cancel my order.  His solution was to give me a free rental so that I could go to the Redbox location of my choosing and get the movie there.

Step 5- The Delight
To my delight, the agent I spoke with went a step further and gave me an additional free rental because it was my first time contacting customer service.  That was an unexpected extra!

Step 6- The Follow Up
The next day I received a request from Redbox to complete a survey sharing my experience.  They measured my satisfaction as a customer and whether or not my issue was resolved on the first contact.

In retrospect, the problem was of my own doing.  With better self service tools, my problem could have been resolved at step 2.  I would have also been happy if the process had stopped at step 4.  I found myself completely delighted with step 5 and more than happy to complete step 6.  Thank you to Redbox for taking me from problem to delight in six simple steps!


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