Customer Experience in my Mailbox

Just like late October was the time for my mailbox to be filled with political propaganda, December is the season for catalogs and boxes from UPS.  Be honest, how many of you actually sit down and read through the catalogs?  Last night as I went through the mail, I observed some powerful messages about customer experience that I want to share with you.  Without further adieu, here is what I received in the mail tonight.

RoadRunner Sports Catalog

 Being the lover of running that I am, I’ll talk about this one first. Take a look at the statements about customer experience they are making on the cover.  At the top it says you can “Call for a smile!” or “Click and be happy” or “Come in for fun.”  Those are bold statements about customer experience.  How many people call customer service expecting to smile?  I have definitely tweeted with @rrsports and they are pretty incredible.

Finally at the bottom of the image you’ll notice their “90-Day Ultimate Test Run: Wear ’em and Love ’em guarantee.”  From experience I know this guarantee to be true.

L.L. Bean Catalog

The next catalog I received was from L.L. Bean and while I can’t say I have ever shopped there, I have heard stories about their customer service in the past.  Check out the customer experience all over this catalog.  In one loaded statement they say “Free Shipping, Legendary Service and the best guarantee you’ll find.”

This begs the question of what their guarantee is.  On the inside cover it says “Our products are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction in every way.  Return anything purchased from us at ANY time if it proves otherwise.  We do not want you to have anything from L.L. Bean that is not completely satisfactory.”  These are amazing statements from them and instill a ton of confidence in me as a consumer that L.L. Bean is a terrific place to spend my money.

Zappos Shipment

 Last but certainly not least we got a shipment from Zappos, a company we have talked about at length on our blog in the past. (Zappos Webinar Post)  Grammy sent Christmas PJs for the kids!  The box is loaded with messages starting with the message of “Zappos: Powered by Service.”  On another side of the box you see “Trends change overnight.  That’s why we have next day shipping” and on yet another side you see “Zappos family core value #10: Be Humble.”

These are not only strong statements about the kind of service you will receive when shopping at Zappos, but they are helping the customer understand their values as a company and almost inviting us to be a part of that family.  How many people and companies need to embrace values such as humility?

These a three inspiring examples of companies that are committed to offering an amazing customer experience.  Each of them offers a guarantee to instill buyer confidence and you’d better believe that they stand by that guarantee like it’s a religion.  My challenge to you is to take a look at your mail today and see what guarantees you see about customer experience.  I know I am inspired to guarantee legendary service to our customers.

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  • Hey,Jeremy,

    I thought I’d provide personal testimony to the truth of LL Bean’s bold promise of 100% customer satisfaction.

    As a resident of the Portland, Maine area for the past 25 years, and an outdoor enthusiast,I’ve bought a lot of stuff at Bean’s over the past quarter century: Kayaks, ski equipment, bicycles, clothing, camping supplies, etc.

    On a few occasions, I’ve brought products back for repair; if they couldn’t repair it, they’d replace it. I’ve always found the people there to be extremely customer-centric, so I always go back.

    Their willingness to stand behind what they sell is worth every cent!

    Happy Holidays,

    Jim Watson
    Portland, Maine

    • Hey Jim,

      First of all, thank you so much for reading our blog and connecting with us! This is a fantastic testimonial about L.L. Bean. I’ve never actually purchased anything from them but I have heard a few people say this very thing. I’m gonna buy some stuff from them and also check out your blog. Happy Holidays to you as well.


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