Customer Experience: It’s The Little Details That Make A Big Difference

I’m sure you have all gathered that I have an affinity for running.  The other day I experienced a few RWRs (Revelations While Running) and want to share one in particular regarding customer experience.

In distance running, and particularly anything over an hour, it is essential to think about hydration and nutrition.  In order to stay hydrated I drink water but to get the appropriate electrolytes and calories I also consume energy gels.  ClifShot (@ClifBar) and GU (@GUEnergyLabs) are two wonderful products but in this video I’ll show you how one little difference improves my experience as a customer and gains my loyalty.


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Jeremy Watkin is Director of Customer Experience and Support at NumberBarn. He has more than 19 years of experience as a customer service and contact center professional leading high performing teams in the contact center. Jeremy has been recognized numerous times as a thought leader for his writing and speaking on a variety of topics including quality management, outsourcing, customer experience, contact center technology, product marketing, social media, and more. When not working you can typically find him spending quality time with his wife Alicia and their three boys, running with his dog, or dreaming of native trout rising for a size 16 elk hair caddis. Be sure to connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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  • I totally dig that you made a video blog! Nice headband, by the way.

    This was actually a learning post for me as I knew nothing about these gels beforehand, so thanks for expanding my mind. I am now super curious as to what they taste like!

    The little details you point out make the biggest impact and it’s amazing how often these little itty bitty things are overlooked.

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