Customer Service And The Importance Of Following The Rules

rulesIt’s so easy in our office world to create a bunch of rules and forget about why the rules exist in the first place.  Furthermore, we love those folks that take it upon themselves to enforce the rules at all cost.  I’m reminded of a few in our contact center that ring oh so true.  Here are a few of my favorite rules accompanied by what the enforcer would say versus the real reason for the rule.

Rule #1: Leave detailed notes on a customer account after each call you take.


From The Enforcer: “Because I said so and that’s how we have always done things.”

The Real Reason“Because no customer likes calling back and having to tell their entire story again.  These insights let your coworkers know what the customer last called about and also give the business valuable insights into why customers are calling.”

Rule #2: Clean up after yourself.


From The Enforcer“Because I’m a neat freak.”

The Real Reason: “Because your clutter and mess makes it more difficult for everyone else to do their job effectively.  If we’re talking about the shared kitchen or bathroom, it’s just gross.”

Rule #3: Be on time to work.


From The Enforcer“I’m always 20 minutes early to work and you should be too.”

The Real Reason: “Your lateness to work gums up the whole operation–especially in customer service.  We very carefully work to staff a customer service team that can handle the call volume for a given hour.  By being late, this is heaping extra calls on your coworkers and causing customers to have to wait to be served.”

At the core of these three rules is the golden rule:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Rules worth keeping are those that take into consideration the needs and the wellbeing of others.  Cast in that light, following the rules is just good customer service.  In the workplace, when we are considerate of the needs of others by habit, these rules become a lot more fluid.

What are some rules in your workplace that are worth keeping?  Why are they worth keeping?


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  • Here are my main rules that I follow every day. Return all emails and phone calls same day. Never over promise. Always over deliver. Be a nice guy. Great post. xo

  • When I was working as a freelance translator, I learned how critical it was for me to respond to client requests for project availability and cost/time estimates as soon as I could, whether by E-mail, over the phone, or in person. This is a skill that (perhaps obviously) can and should be carried over into the field of customer service.

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