Find Your Happy Place

One thing we know about customer service is that there will be ups and downs.  Sometimes there is such a love hate relationship with our customers.  When everything is working properly and sailing smoothly, everything is great.  On the flip side, any hint of instability or any sort of outage and the claws come out.

I am reminded of the great scene in the movie Happy Gilmore where Happy finds his happy place.  Admittedly, mine looks nothing like this though Carl Weathers singing “We’ve Only Just Begun” is pretty amazing.

Oftentimes finding my happy place involves going for a run or doing something active with my family.  It’s the place where I can ponder decisions and balance my emotions.  As I was running today, the thought occurred to me that our decisions must be balanced.  They cannot be made based strictly on emotion or completely devoid of emotion.  When I go to my happy place, I find I make better, more balanced decisions.   So this begs the question, where’s your happy place?


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  • I find that my happy place is any place I can be with my family. I find it soothing and steers me away from any stress I may be under, helping me look at things from a more clear perspective. I also find my happy place within myself. I’m a mountain biking lover, and all though I don’t ride as much as I would like to, I find that when I am behind those handlebars, going through whoops, bumps, ruts, and speeding down that single track, I can actually make better decisions, because my mind is clear.

    I would certainly advice everyone to enter they happy place, and cool down, take a deep breath, and new horizons will open up suddenly…

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