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shootingstarOver the past several weeks, I’ve been in the process of preparing to move and getting my house ready to sell. That’s code for trip after trip to Home Depot. I’m my case, several things at my house decided to break right before we moved which only increased the number of Home Depot trips.

I’ve written several posts about Home Depot in the past.  In the good ones, I named the company and in the negative ones I didn’t.  On one recent trip, I was lucky to encounter K.L., one of the brightest customer service stars I’ve ever encountered.  Let me tell you a bit about the encounter.

I had my kids with me as I approached the checkout counter and K.L. immediately engaged them.  He invited my son to come stand with him behind the counter and scan our items.  He was engaged, overwhelmed and delighted all at the same time.

I noticed K.L.’s name tag said he was fluent in Japanese.  I told him my son was also fluent (jokingly).  K.L. proceeded to rattle off several phrases in Japanese, making the experience absolutely amazing.

K.L. is one of those customer service professionals with personality, or pizzazz, coming out of his ears.  That is a talent and a gift of which few people (including yours truly) are blessed with.

The message of this post is very simple.  If you are like K.L. and have more pizzazz than you know what to do with, flaunt it.  Channel it in such a way that you leave your customers thrilled when they walk out the door.  Customer service leaders, you probably have people like this on your team.  Don’t be afraid to let them shine brightly.


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  • We, as “bosses”, have a duty, no, an obligation, to let our employees shine. For the simple reason that, like K.L., the customers come back for the employee and NOT “the boss”.

    I imaging you have never seen the big boss at your local Home Depot but the great employees like K.L, you have and will see him again.

    Good luck again on your next venture Jeremy,

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