Hook, Line and Sinker

lego-hulkDo you know your target audience?  Recently my family and I took a trip to the LEGO store in Downtown Disney.  As we were walking up to the store I noticed several Lego stations outside.  My children were immediately drawn in.  Each section had Legos to build with and was an instant hook for those passing by.  There were children and adults all playing.

Not too far from the door, I noticed a girl built entirely of Legos.  I wasn’t quite sure who her character was supposed to be, but my girls knew and ran to her side.  To the left of her was a Lego Hulk.  This grabbed my son’s attention and I must admit my own.  Who doesn’t love the Incredible Hulk?  Those two Lego statues acted as a line drawing us inside the store.

Near the center of the store was another Lego station complete with Lego statue and Lego merchandise.  As I looked around I immediately thought the setup was well thought out.  It appealed to the store’s target audience, children, as well as their parents.  The store offered a fun and inviting atmosphere.  As individuals made their purchases they were guaranteed the excitement of recreating more Lego fun at home.

This is a guest post written by Danielle Lopez


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  • Great post, Danielle!

    I love you bring the importance of audience when walking into a store. Appealing to kids and parents is often a tough area to be in and the Lego Store definitely does a great job with this.

    I also want to point out what you said about “recreating more Lego fun at home.” Imagine if the store didn’t have such a positive, fun atmosphere. The experience would be so drastically different that you wouldn’t be taking home anything but an unsatisfied family. The Lego Store hooks you in while at their location and their service and ambiance leaves a lasting impression, sinking into your mind. You’ll always have good thoughts about it! And that, is ultimately the key to building forever customers.

    • Good point Jenny. It’s like at home you have legos but then you go to Lego mecca and get inspired about your legos. It sounds like the Lego store is doing a great job of achieving that.

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