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ironsmithIronsmith Coffee Roasters is my local coffee shop on Highway 101, steps away from where I work. A day doesn’t go by, usually around the 2pm afternoon slump, where coworker’s voice rings through the office, “Ironsmith, anyone?

A week ago, my coworker, out for a walk n’ talk, decided to grab a cup of coffee. We found our way to Ironsmith but they were not open.

Inside, we saw one of the baristas standing at a whiteboard and people sitting around a table in what appeared to be a class on coffee. A sign on the door said they were closed for an event.

STOP–this is perfectly normal! Businesses can do this. They host events all the time that require them to close. No biggie! You just deal with it and go somewhere else.

What happens next is what sets Ironsmith apart. 

An owner of the shop had set pots of their freshly roasted coffee in the front of the shop. There were cups, lids, sleeves, straws, sugar, and cream.

When we approached, the looks on our faces showed surprise by the generosity. Could this reallllllly be free? The owner, who was near the open window, smiled at us and said, “Just because we’re closed doesn’t mean you get to miss out on coffee. We gotta keep our locals happy. It’s on the house! Help yourselves.

And, we did.

Ironsmith definitely didn’t have to give away free coffee.

But, their stance clearly shows how much they care about roasting delicious coffee AND caring for their customers.

My experience was taken up a notch even when they were not actually open.

So, thanks Ironsmith!

Thought I’m Putting In Your Head With This Post:

What is a random act of generosity you can surprise your customers with?

Be sure to follow Ironsmith on Twitter (@ironsmithcoffee) and be sure to support them if you’re ever in Encinitas!


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  • Amazing post, Jenny. I remember once at Starbucks sitting outside having gotten a drink right before they closed early for remodeling and watching the disappointment as people walked away without their drink. Way to go, Ironsmith for thinking about your customers!

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