Is Your Customer Experience Rubbing Your Customers The Wrong Way?

bodyglideAs a runner, the product of champions is Body Glide. For me, it’s the difference between running and not running.  Without it, there is simply extreme pain–for obvious reasons.

I recently needed to reorder Body Glide and decided to go online to purchase more.  I checked out and then another site that specifically sells running gear.  The running site was fifty cents less with free shipping.  Even though Amazon Prime reliably delivers in two days, I decided to go with the better deal.  Bad idea!

Fast forward three weeks and my order status on the running store still said back ordered and I wouldn’t receive my gear for at least another week!  I contacted their customer service via chat support and said I needed to cancel my order because it was taking way too long.  The representative was friendly, and empathetic, and quickly canceled my order.

I then proceeded to order from Amazon and received my much-needed Body Glide in two days.  That my friends is why I purchase from Amazon.

The real shame about this story is the fact that the running store really does have amazing customer service and I love purchasing from them.  The wait times are low, the website works great and the people are friendly.  It sure didn’t amount to much when it took them a month to fulfill my order did it?

The moral of the story is that even if your customer service is awesome, a broken link in the customer experience can render customer service useless.  This reenforces the need to listen frequently to the conversations your customer service representatives are having with customers and find ways to improve.  You may just find that your customer experience is a lot like a runner without his Body Glide.  It’s rubbing your customers the wrong way!


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