It Pays To Be Social!

A little over two years ago, we started a blog and decided to promote it over social media.  That meant using my Twitter account to connect with other folks talking about some of the topics I’m talking about.  Prior to that I only used it to connect with my Facebook friends.  That led to about thirty followers and I had never been retweeted.

Since making this decision, we’ve had opportunities to guest blog, host tweet chats, speak at conferences, and appear on TV (Jenny).  In the last few weeks, things have kicked up a notch and the decision to be social has been extra rewarding.  Allow me to recap the recent events:

I don’t highlight these events to brag and I haven’t become an overnight millionaire, but being social has afforded us the opportunity to meet, learn from, and dialog with some of our heroes in customer service.  It is a platform for getting the message of awesome customer service out there.  If you have a message worth sharing, be social and you will not be disappointed.


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  • It is amazing the connections that social allows you to forge — and the opportunities that it creates! And it’s even better when those connections finally result in meeting face to face.

    It’s been great getting to know you and Shep, and recently being tweet-troduced to Doug — and that all has been facilitated through blog/social.

    You hit the nail on the head with this article!

  • You are an amazingly social guy and a great guy indeed. Loving having you in my life for sure. xo

    • Jeremy Watkin

      For sure Doug! Social is truly about connections that enrich our lives and our connection is the perfect example!

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