It’s An Honor To Blog With You

Wow, today has been one of those days where I’m part trainer and part systems administrator as I onboard new customer service agents.  There definitely hasn’t been time for blogging and I’d be lying if I said I was feeling crazy, over the top inspired.  How about a quick post today?

Jenny and I have had the honor of interacting quite a bit over the past several months with Jeff Toister, author of Service Failure.  We have thoroughly enjoyed reading his blog and more importantly his customer service insights we are also thankful to him for reading and Tweeting our blog often.

A couple weeks ago, Jeff sent us an email asking why we we blog when we already have jobs.  This was an easy question to answer and we were truly honored to be mentioned with the likes of Jeff Toister, Bill Quiseng and Annette Franz (Gleneicki).  Take a moment to read this fantastic post by Jeff and if you are in search of some serious customer service insights, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

They Have A Job, So Why Do They Blog


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