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Jenny Dempsey from the customer service team and writer for CommunicateBetterBlog appeared on in a segment called “The Dreaded Call.”  During this segment she used her expertise as a Customer Service Supervisor to contribute to a panel discussing typical issues that arise in customer service from both sides of the spectrum.

In her responses, Jenny talked about the importance of taking even the most negative of situations and viewing it as a positive.  Negative situations if handled properly are opportunities for improvement for the company.

Also featured in the segment was Shai Berger (@shaiberger), CEO of Fonolo, whose call back widget we proudly feature in the support section of our website.  This widget allows customers to request a call back and does all of the waiting for the customer.  Click Here to watch the full segment.

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  • Melissa Kovacevic

    Great job, Jenny and Shai Berger!

    Wonder where the Consumerist guy got his data about more people using phone to text instead of calling customer service? Not according to the most recent report from American Express Global Service Survey which shows phone service still dominates.

    Congrats on the opportunity to represent your company and the service industry, Jenny!

    • Thank you SO much, Melissa! I was actually wondering the same thing about the texting–it just didn’t sound correct.

      I’m so honored to represent my company and this blog. I want people to know that customer service does not have to be bad!

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