Jeremy’s Top 6 Blog Posts Of 2014

20142014 has been quite a year for Communicate Better Blog.  As I am looking through the last year of blog posts, I am reminded that this blog is an exercise in learning how to serve our customers, both internal and external, better.  I am grateful for the learning opportunities and amazed at the consistent inspiration we have for writing each and every day.  Without further adieu, here are my top six blog posts for the year.

What Is Awesome Customer Service? 

This post was foundational to our blog this year.  After discussing the word AWESOME for a long time, we finally defined it as:

To consistently serve customers in a way that builds meaningful and lasting connections and leaves them awe-inspired.

Since that time, we have been repeating that on our customer service team like a mantra and have established clear goals to help us achieve awesomeness at

Customer Service Through A Different Lens

This post talks about my experience visiting a call center for the blind and describes some of the amazing technology available.  The opportunity to have people who are visually impaired work in our contact center is something that I am continuing to explore and will keep you updated on in the coming months.

The 5 L’s Of Awesome Customer Service 

On a personal note, we welcomed a new baby boy into our family this year.  That event inspired this post.  Execute the five L’s and your customer service will have no choice but to be awesome.

3 Simple Alternatives To Saying No 

Saying no to your customers should never, ever be easy.  As customer service professionals, we should be scratching and clawing to do business with existing and potential customers.  This is a great example of an experience with an agent who was extremely friendly but ultimately said no to me missed out on an opportunity to do business.

Awesome Product + Awesome Service = Awesome Customer Experience

I had a lot of fun writing this one.  Vitamix is a prime example of a company that makes a great product and stands behind it.  When the product didn’t work properly, customer service made it effortless to correct.  That combination created a loyal customer who evangelizes on behalf of the company.  This is an extremely powerful lesson!

Stick To Your Guns And You May Shoot Yourself In The Foot 

I am far from perfect.  We often learn the most through our failures.  In this case, I insisted I was correct and later found out that I was wrong and the customer was right.  The result was several angry social media posts and emails to my boss.  The moral of the story is that if a customer continues to push back, get a second opinion!

What was your favorite post from Communicate Better Blog in 2014?  Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog this year.  I am excited for the awesomeness that lies before us in 2015.  Happy New Year!


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