Lessons In Serving From The Movie “Click”

I’m going to keep the introspection train rolling today after a terrific post by Jenny entitled “Contagious Customer Service Starts With A Smile.”

ClickAs a father, I spend a lot of time thinking  about that role and how I can do it better.  On a daily basis I deal with screaming, refusal to eat and definitely insistance on moving through life at a horribly unproductive pace.  I so often in those moments catch myself wishing that moment would hurry up and pass and my kids would be more grown up and mature.

In the movie “Click,” Adam Sandler plays a father of two young children desperately trying to balance life as a husband and father.  All while trying to land the big promotion at work so he and his family will be set for life.  At some point in the story he wishes he could speed through the stuff of life up to the point where he gets that promotion.  Enter Marty, played by Christopher Walken, who gives him a magic remote control that allows him to pause, flashback and most importantly, fast forward through life.  At first it’s really cool until Sandler realizes that the promotion took a lot longer than expected.  Before he knew it, the fast forwarding became uncontrollable.  In the process, he alienated those he loved most and ultimately died having missed out on the stuff of life.

This story is such a great reminder of the importance of understanding my top priorities in life and not fast forwarding.  One of my goals and what I hope to accomplish with my life is to be a servant.  Whether I’m at home or at work, opportunities to serve abound.

Here’s the thing about serving though.  When you serve, you often have to deal with the “stuff” other people carry around and undoubtedly, you will be on their time table.  Think I’m joking?  How many of you in customer service have received your longest call of the day five minutes before you were about to clock out?  How would you rate your customer service in those situations?

Today, make it your aim to serve.  Throw on a little extra patience and avoid wishing you could fast forward.  For me, it’s easy to take for granted the fact that my kids are still young but I have come to the realization that years are beginning to fly by.  I recommend savoring the good and bad days and embracing the “stuff” of life because sooner or later the days will run out.

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  • Jenny Dempsey

    I haven’t seen this movie but now I want to. Maybe I’ll check out Redbox 🙂

    It truly is all about the experience–for everyone. Even when we are dealing with those long calls at the end of the day, we’re still being impacted by this and are learning from it as is the customer.

    Your kids won’t be little for long and I’m sure as soon as they are older, you’ll want them to be young again. Maybe. Phewww being a parent sounds tough!

  • Jeremy Watkin

    It’s a fun movie. One of the better Adam Sandler movies for sure.

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