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pinterest-logoI love Pinterest!  Yes I am shouting that…well only in my head.  But seriously Pinterest is amazing.  It’s Idea Central for anything you could possibly imagine and bloggers are using it as a tool to market their blogs.  So, I was left wondering how could a blog such as “Communicate Better Blog” use it to spread the word about customer service.  Well I did some brainstorming and found three ways.

  1. Pin every blog we post
  2. Pin customer service stories.  Whether they’re good, bad and/or funny.  Don’t forget feedback
  3. Pin our likes

Starting with point one I have found that this is the most obvious way to spread the word about your blog.  A lot of bloggers pin their posts on Pinterest.  Personally, I pin my blog posts on my board so I have them whenever I might need them.  By pinning your blog posts others will be able to see it by searching “Everything” or specifically customer service ideas.  With each re-pin the word will spread about your blog.

Lately, while perusing the “Everything” section, I have noticed that lots of people pin funny pictures, stories and quotes.  This hammered home the point that people use Pinterest for any and everything.  They don’t just want ideas.  They want inspiration and something to lift them up.  We could do that by pinning pictures with some of our customer’s quotes and stories.  We’re in the business of customer service, so the interactions we encounter are endless.  Pinning our customer service experiences in a creative way will draw people to our boards and essentially to our blog.

Pin your likes.  What better way to connect with individuals than to show them we’re people.  We’re not just sitting behind a computer blogging away.  Pinning your likes will develop a connection with other Pinterest users.  They’ll be able to peek into the lives, thoughts and likes of that blogger(s).  We’re in the business of customer service, so we need that personal connection and pinning our likes will establish a unique bond with our readers.

Pinning blog posts is the essential first step in spreading the word about our blog.  Pinning our customer service stories/quotes will show others we engage in our interactions.  It will demonstrate the investment in our customers. Whether you’re in the customer service field or not you can assign boards to whomever to pin their likes.  As individuals and companies, know that this will further build that connection with your readers.

You can now follow Communicate Better Blog on Pinterest!


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