Mom…The Model Of Service And Sacrifice

Happy-Mothers-Day-Contest1As I sit here writing Mother’s Day cards, my mind is filled with thoughts of mom — not just one mom but all of the moms in my life.  At the age of six, I lost my biological mom to a brain aneurysm.  It was so long ago and yet I still find that I miss her.  I long to know her and wonder what she would say about me and to me if I could see her again.

Don’t feel too sorry for me though.  I have been blessed with a step mom for the last thirty years who I simply call “mom” and a mother-in-law who loves me like a son.  I have two amazing older sisters who are also amazing mothers in their own right.  Of course there are the grandmothers and last but not least– my wife, Alicia.

Yes, I am blessed indeed!

Allow me the count all of the times I have failed to appreciate these mothers or perhaps chosen to respond sarcastically instead of lovingly.  Or consider all of the times I chose to see only fault or flaw without regard for their value or feelings.  Or how often I have been blind and ungrateful to the sacrifices they made on my behalf.  There are in fact too many instances to count.

On this Mother’s day however, I pause to say thanks.  You see, the mothers in my life have taught and continue to teach me about service and sacrifice.  So often I have witnessed them giving of themselves, even when they had nothing left to give, in order to make me a success.  I recognize qualities such as patience and kindness — qualities the moms in my life exemplify.

It’s with a deep sense of admiration, gratefulness and humility that I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!


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