Monday Motivation: Communicate Better Better Better Never Best

I am a flawed communicator, especially when it comes to verbal communication.  Inevitably I am too emotional, or fumble my words or leave out a key point.  How often do you have conversations or send emails and only after, wish you had said this or that or clarified something a bit better?  As a customer service professional and a human being for that matter, if perfection was required, I would fail one hundred percent of the time.

That’s precisely why I’m a huge fan of our mantra at which is “Communicate Better.”  The word “better” is perfect for us flawed communicators.  I work for a company that doesn’t require me to be the best.  I am required to find ways to be better and improve with each interaction.  This is precisely what I expect from our customer service team as well.

I recently heard Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff say “better, better, better, never best.”  Allow me to add to it slightly and say “communicate better, better, better, never best.”  On this awesome Monday, don’t aim to communicate best, aim to communicate better!


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