Monday Motivation: Emphasize The “WE” In Awesome

To Jeremy, From JennyI received a couple Christmas gifts from colleagues this year that really stood out to me.  The first was a Rubik’s cube.  I was initially really excited about it.  It was a puzzle I tried to solve unsuccessfully many times as a child.  Now that I’m well into my thirties with a masters degree under my belt, I figured it would be no match for my superior intellect.  Six hours later I was reminded of the fact that I still just don’t get it.  The “solve the Rubik’s cube in five easy steps” videos on YouTube offered some hope, but still ultimately led to a tremendous feeling of failure.

The second gift I received was a shirt from Jenny Dempsey (pictured).  The simple message of the shirt is “Without Me It’s Just Aweso.”  I’ll admit it.  I love it when people tell me I’m awesome.

As I thought about the message of that shirt in the context of our pursuit of awesomeness at, another word stuck out to me.  Do you see it?  Try this on for size. “Without WE It’s Just A…Some.”

Customer service is a lot like that Rubik’s cube.  When it was just ME trying to solve it, I failed miserably.  If I have any notions whatsoever of personally achieving awesome customer service at, I too will fail miserably.  I like our chances much better when we add the WE.

This is a very simple revelation for a Monday morning but further confirmation that AWESOME is our word.  I am thrilled to have a WE to strive toward this goal with.  When we achieve awesomeness, I won’t be the one getting the credit for the accomplishment.  WE will!


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