Monday Motivation: Find Out What Your Customer Needs!

I was watching the movie, Cars the other day with my kids and found this little gem of a short film in the extras on the DVD.  If you haven’t seen Pixar’s “One Man Band” give it a quick watch.

I was at a home improvement warehouse over the weekend and there were plenty of people offering to sell me stuff, (ie. Solar Power Evaluation) but no one asking me what my needs were.  I felt a lot like the little girl in this film.  I was ready to spend money but without anyone seeking to understand my needs, I ultimately just walked out of the store and spent no money.

Rather than tooting your horn about how great you are and tooting even louder to defeat your competition, take a moment to ask your customers what they want.  Become intimately aware of their needs.  Customers and potential customers are calling because they want to spend money with you.  Don’t give them any reason to take their business elsewhere!  Like the little girl in this film, don’t cause them to feel they’d be better off just throwing their money away.

Remember: You cannot become awesome without first understanding how to be awesome.  If you don’t understand, ask your customers!


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  • We all need a little reminder that we are in business for our customers. We are here to serve and we need to make them happy. Once we lose sight of that and instead focus on our needs and our competitions products and services our customers will go elsewhere and spend their money. Great post Jeremy!

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