Monday Motivation: If You Fall, Get Back Up Again

_54493010_ciaWell I literally had a revelation while running last Saturday.  My body became all too acquainted with the asphalt.  I was just running along and minding my own business when a manhole cover jumped up and tripped me.  That was mile three of eleven so what did I do?  I got back up, bloodied and bruised and finished my run.  Actually, I just have a few scrapes on my hand but it was enough to remind me that I’m far from perfect and often prone to error.

Falling is never fun is it?  It’s so easy to walk around with an air of invincibility in our lives and yet the truth is, we are so far from invincible.  Take a moment today to look at the sky or the ocean or something else huge and then remember just how small and feeble you truly are.  Now that you’ve done that, here’s how I suggest you handle things WHEN you fall.  I’m not sure these are in any particular order.

1. Take Inventory Of What Happened- When you fall, take a moment to reflect on what caused it.  You’ve heard the saying “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it?”  That applies here.

2. Own It- When we fall it’s so easy to blame others rather than shouldering it ourselves.  The fact that you own the fall and lose a little pride in the process will make you stronger.  This gives you the best opportunity to learn.

3. Learn From It- If it hurts bad enough, I guarantee you will look more carefully next time to avoid this in the future.  Pain has a way of doing that.

4. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize- When I fell I didn’t let it derail my run.  I may have been singing a different tune if I had broken my leg.  Regardless, I didn’t and therefore moved past the momentary distraction and focused on completing my run.

5. Get Back Up Again- In running, the first step toward shaking off the pain is getting up and putting one foot in front of the other.  Eventually, it will be far behind you.

In running, customer service and life you will fall.  It’s a proven fact.  When you do, don’t miss out on a tremendous opportunity to grow and become stronger.  From one klutz to another, have a marvelous Monday!

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  • Thank you Jeremy! A new perspective on something that happens to everyone, at least once! Have a great day! 🙂

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