Mrs Bigglesworth Knows Sandwiches And Customer Service

I am amazed at the number of stories we tell about customer service relating to experiences with sandwiches.  Apparently sandwiches are a hot bed for customer service.  For whatever reason I have another one.

whichThis time a coworker, Aaron, approached me and said, “Hey, I have a customer service story for you” to which I responded “Hey, you don’t mind if I blog about that do you?”  I am more than happy to be a repository for all of your good and bad customer experiences!

This story all started with a lady named Mrs. Bigglesworth and a sandwich shop called Which Wich.  Aaron ordered a Sriracha Tuna Sandwich which is code for spicy.  After making it through about half of the sandwich, he realized it was a little too heavy on the Sriracha and decided it was probably best to say something.

This is where Mrs. Bigglesworth comes in.  Upon approaching her, Aaron found her to be extremely understanding.  Here’s what she did for him in response to his complaint.  You’re going to want to take notes because she’s good.

  • Mrs Bigglesworth Offered To Make A New Sandwich- Being full already, Aaron said it wasn’t necessary for her to make another sandwich.
  • Mrs Bigglesworth Offered A Future Free Sandwich- Apparently giving out a coupon for a free sandwich required manager approval so what did she do?  She got super creative and punched all of the holes in their frequent buyer punch card so the next time Aaron visited, he would get a free sandwich.
  • Mrs Bigglesworth Offered To Refund The Original Order- Since Aaron wouldn’t accept a remade sandwich, she offered a full refund for his order.

Mrs Bigglesworth may very well be a customer service genius because she didn’t just make Aaron happy.  She made an investment in the future by giving Aaron a reason to come back to Which Wich and bring his friends with him.  It’s 11:07pm as I’m writing this and I find myself wishing Which Wich was open right now!


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