Nice Guys [Really Do] Finish First

niceguysWe recently had the opportunity to read the book Nice Guys Finish First, by our good friend and customer service expert, Doug Sandler.  In the book, Doug shares his Nice Guy philosophy which is sure to help anyone be more successful in customer service, business, and life.  The book is filled with rich stories that beautifully prove that being a nice guy (or girl) doesn’t make you a pushover– it is truly a recipe for success.

As we often do on Communicate Better Blog, we want to share a few of our thoughts regarding the book.

What did you love most about Nice Guys Finish First?

Jenny- I loved Doug’s realistic approach and the reasons why being NICE will get you nothing but great things in life. We so often read books about how important it is in business to be tough, aggressive, and to fight our way to the top, but this book outlines exactly how happiness and kindness are key elements to success.

Jeremy- Aside from the time where Doug quotes me in chapter 13, I appreciate the way he is honest and open about his journey as a nice guy.  In particular, in the chapter on having a positive attitude, he shared about some difficulties he’s experienced through the course of his life.  In the face of those challenges he says:

“When it’s up to me, I choose to win, and not let a bad situation define me and cause me to make bad decisions about my future.  Given a choice, and there is always a choice, I choose to have a positive attitude.”

Make no mistake, we will face many difficult circumstances in our lives.  By choosing a positive attitude, we are better equipped to overcome and come out stronger on the other side.  Doug is living proof of this.

What aspect of Nice Guys Finish First is challenging you the most as a customer service professional?

Jenny- For me, it’s a challenge to keep a positive outlook when customers turn up the heat. In Doug’s book, he reminds us to “pick a positive attitude”. When I have a customer cursing and screaming at me on the phone it can be quite difficult to put on that smiley face.

Jeremy- The book talks about the importance of creating a consistent pattern for success.  Doug talks about the importance of returning every call, returning every email, delivering on every promise, being on time, and communicating personally.  Amid this list there are multiple challenges that hit home for me.  To name a couple, I need to step up my game by returning every call within 24 hours and being on time.  He goes so far as to say that “15 minutes late is late.”  Ouch!

What aspect of Nice Guys Finish First is challenging you in life?

Jenny- The same thing that is challenging for me in the office is also challenging for me outside of the office. Whether it be family issues, car trouble, a big zit on my face or not getting enough sleep the night before, it’s sometimes a challenge for me to keep a happy face. And, I’d rather not always fake the smiles! It takes extra effort to push through, and while I am actively working on this, the encouragement from Doug helps tremendously.

Jeremy- I’m fascinated by Doug’s path to becoming a customer service and business expert.  He sold cookies, did mortgages and then became a DJ.  My path in customer service has been almost exclusively in the contact center.  I’m reminded and challenged by the fact that there is not one specific vocation where customer service skills apply.  Truly in any career and all relationships, these skills WILL serve you well.

Do you recommend Nice Guys Finish First to others?  Why?

Jenny-YES. If you are a business owner looking to enhance your customer experience, read this book and learn how to make a few extra happy bucks.

Jeremy- Definitely yes! One of my favorite things about social media is access to thought leaders.  When you read this book, you are not just reading the book.  You are getting access to an inspiring person in Doug Sandler who everyday practices what he preaches.  Be sure you connect with Doug through his blog and social media.



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  • You peeps really are nice. Thanks for sharing my message with your network. It has been an incredible journey and we are all only just getting started. You have both been an inspiration in my life and I am so glad to have found you. Looking forward to great time ahead. xo

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