Please take my lunch break survey

Did you (or do you plan to) take your lunch break today?

I mean, really take your lunch break? Move away from your desk, actually eat a meal and maybe even talk with your coworkers?

You may have worn (or currently still wear) the badge of hours worked. When you’re trying to get everything done, you rarely take your breaks. Yes, even if you are a salaried employee, you’re still human and you still need to take a break.

Sure, there are the one off days where things are crazy and a deadline is approaching. During that time, a break might be a dream.

But I’m talking about the normal day to day routine where you get away from your desk, eat lunch with silverware and actually chew your food.

Can I see a show of hands for those of you who never take your eyes off of your monitor, house food into your mouth with one hand and the other hand is on the mouse of the computer, clicking away? 

On second thought, you might not be able to raise your hand actually because you’re too busy eating and working.

I’ve been there.

In fact, I’m still there on some days.

Taking a break away from work might make your boss think you are lazy. It might make you feel like you’re never going to complete all your tasks. You have a strong work ethic and breaks are the last of your worries.

Have you ever considered what happens when you do get that lunch break? Does it feel weird? Do you even know what to do with yourself?

And, most of all – how do you feel when you go back to work? Did you get an energy boost? Are you more productive? Are you more prepared to help your customers and teammates?

Leaders, agents and business owners alike – I want to know more about your lunch break!

Please help me by taking the survey below:

And remember, lunch breaks are not for losers.

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