Run-ins with Discipline

Photo Credit: Justin Mazza via CC License

Discipline isn’t merely about getting things done. It’s also about collaborating with others to get things done.

Discipline isn’t just about collaborating, though. It’s also about taking the time to write it down in an organized fashion so it can be put into practice.

Discipline doesn’t stop at writing it down. It’s also about writing it down in plenty of time for stakeholders to have time to provide input.

Discipline isn’t simply about affording them the time to give input. It’s also about actually listening to their input and adjusting accordingly.

Discipline isn’t about executing this the right way once. It’s about doing it consistently.

Discipline isn’t simply about executing this process perfectly every time. It’s also about being open to new ways and approaches — continuous improvements if you will.

Discipline IS about having the courage to share your input and influencing others to improve the process if you don’t have the authority to do so yourself.

It’s also about having the courage to admit when you could have been more disciplined.

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