Saying Awesome, Meaning Awesome, Being Awesome

I haven’t hidden the fact that one of our major goals is to make the customer experience atchocolate AWESOME.  We mean it so much so that we have a category for it on our blog.  Now you know I mean business.

I have used the word AWESOME in every other sentence for at least 27 of my 35 years on this earth so I feel I am an expert on the word.  I’ll confess that my usage of the word has reduced its power to somewhere between NICE and NEAT.  When I say the word AWESOME in the context of the customer experience I truly want to evoke feelings of awe and amazement. For me it conjures up images of vast oceans and snow capped mountain peaks.

I had a wonderful experience with the word recently.  My 4-year-old son asked me for some chocolate milk and wanting to stay on his good side, I prepared some.  When I gave him the chocolate milk he took one sip and said “This is AWESOME dad.”  Isn’t that a great image?  In his 4-year-old world view, that chocolate milk just blew his mind and the best word he could use to describe it was AWESOME.

When you hear the word AWESOME, what images enter your mind?  Now hang onto that thought.  Your customers should envision something similar and say “AWESOME” every time they encounter your website, service, product, support, etc.  That’s my goal.  There are many more posts to come on how we achieve that goal.


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  • When I think about AWESOME I think about my wife and kids especially near mothers’ day (if I remember when it is).

    Besides that, AWESOME is what I think the service is. I have been using our service (exclusively) for 4-5 years now, and believe it or not, almost all my close friends use that as well by now. I am using it for my home, my home office, my wife, my kids, my parents, when I travel, when friends kids travel and even to remote control things. All so flexible that all you need to make something happen is think creatively and use our web control panel to make that happen.

    However being the visual movie loving person that I am, the next thing that comes to mind is the movie BrainStorm (1983) with Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood, check it out specifically if you are interested in high tech and also if you are interested in NDE (for those who are).

    • Jeremy Watkin

      Alon, thanks for your comment. First of all, I’ll make sure your wife reads this 🙂

      Secondly, you are right on. I truly think the flexibility is the best thing about our product as well.

      Finally, I will look this movie up!

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