The 5 Standards Of Awesome Customer Service

standardsIn a post last week, I explained our concise definition of AWESOME customer service for our team at  To review, we define AWESOME customer service as:

To consistently serve customers in a way that builds meaningful and lasting connections and leaves them awe-inspired.

In the book Be Our Guest by the Disney Institute, we learn about the importance of supporting our vision with service standards.  These are standards by which everything we do is measured. Ultimately, they point back to, and help us achieve our vision.  In this process of making our customer service vision known, I want to share these standards or values with you with a concise definition of each.

Quality– We listen to our customers and continuously find ways to improve our service.

Caring– We connect with each customer on a human level, taking complete ownership of every opportunity to serve.

Choice– We understand each customer’s unique needs and find the right solutions to meet those needs.

Value– We anticipate our customers’ needs, allowing them to gain maximum value from each contact with customer service.

Accessibility– We respond to our customers in a timely manner via the channel of their preference.

Now that these standards have been set, here are the next steps in our process toward becoming awesome.

1. Commit them to memory.

2. Make sure every decision and activity aligns with them.

3. Determine the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which show us that we are meeting them.

Think with me for a moment.  Would you want to do business with a company with a customer service team that strives to meet these standards with every contact?  I sure would!


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