The Awesomeness Of Experiencing Awesome Support

DWS_ballet_shoes_topOur service theme at is to be awesome and experiencing that first hand is the best.  Yesterday I was dashing around like a mad woman trying to find a specific type of ballet shoe for my daughter.  Well I was down on my luck and did not find the ballet slipper I needed, but was able to order it through my favorite dance wear store.  KC Dancewear tops the list in my opinion for 3 reasons.

  1. They are friendly
  1. They are reliable
  1. They make sure the consumer is happy

Let’s go over the first reason.  I have never encountered an unfriendly employee and I’ve been buying dancewear from them for four or five years now.  They’re not over the top in your face friendly, but provide you with a casual friendliness.  One that let’s you know they are genuine in their care to make sure you’re taken care of.  Also, their employees know dancing.  This is such a great value they provide to pick the brain of a dancer when buying dance gear.

Secondly, they are reliable.  Have you ever ordered dancewear online?  I have and it never quite works out.  Walking into a physical store where we can try on product is an absolute stress reliever.  They have a wide variety to keep up with what’s new and are able to secure product they might not currently have in inventory.  If they don’t have exactly what I need they find an alternative that closely matches it.

Thirdly, at the end of your trip you walk away happy.  Yesterday, I purchased some things I needed, placed an order for ballet shoes that should arrive next week and had a happy four year old whom they allowed to use the employee’s only restroom.  Plus the person who helped me was helpful and friendly.  I had interrupted her from some sort of inventory task, but she set it aside and made me the priority.


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  • Jenny Dempsey

    Wow, that must have been quite the sight to see you dashing around like a mad woman. Then, KC Dancewear saved the day!

    You bring up so many important points, those of which you follow on a regular basis at your own job! 🙂

    I really liked how even though you interrupted their task, they were still helpful. How often is it that we go somewhere, ask for help and someone is doing something else, then gets very annoyed? More often than not!

    Thanks for your guest blog post. I love hearing about the crazy stuff you get into with your kids!

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