The Extra Tea Bag

jfbs_lI think we’ve made it very clear that we’re huge Starbucks fans on this blog. I do occasionally frequent the local Peet’s Coffee & Tea and happen to love their Jasmine Fancy green tea. It has a wonderful floral aroma and flavor. I realize I just took it too far but bear with me.

The first time I ordered it they included two tea bags and it just about knocked my socks off.  Since that time I have always asked for just one bag. Peet’s does the coolest thing though. They give me the second tea bag to go!  I’m sure it costs them about twenty-five cents but to me it’s like getting a second cup of tea for free and I love it.

This is a common theme on our blog but it’s worth repeating. Little gestures like this go a long way toward building loyal, happy customers. In the case of Peet’s no other coffee shop does this so they are also differentiating themselves from their competition.  Thank you Peet’s!


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