Think Of Me When You Experience Awesome Customer Service

I had a rather eye-opening experience yesterday.  I make it very clear on my social networks amazingstoriesthat I love awesome customer service stories but in the same breath, I don’t want to wear out my welcome with my friends.  Unbeknownst to me, two separate people tagged me in posts where they received awesome customer service.  How cool is that?  Rather than keeping these to myself, allow me to share with you.

Story #1- My friend Shelly sent this:

I just got a call from the billing department at our hospital. The customer service agent I had spoken to yesterday just wanted to let me know that she’d found a credit on an old account in my name and applied it to my current bill. Now THAT’S customer service.

Story #2- My friend Tania sent this:

Ordered a drink (at Starbucks) I hadn’t had in a year. Coffee frap. Once I received my drink and tasted it, it was too sweet for me. The drink didn’t taste like my “normal” coffee frap. I realized I failed to ask for decaf. They use decaf expresso to make the drink instead of the pre-made mixture. I explained my mistake and ask if they could re-blend my drink with a shot of decaf. He said they couldn’t re-blend what I had but that he could make me a new one!!!!

My response to stories like these is “Keep them coming!”  As customer service professionals, it is the awesome stories that inspire us to deliver awesome customer service every time.  From this day forward I am declaring myself the “Go-to-guy-for-awesome-customer-service-stories” so if you have them I want to hear them.  Thanks to my friends to taking their time to share a bit of awesome with me and the rest of the internet!


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