Tuesday Motivation: The Best Scarers Use Their Differences To Their Advantage

Monsters_University_poster_3Why Tuesday motivation you ask?  Because Monday was a holiday of course.  I’m going to cut to the chase today because I have a busy day and I’m sure you do too.  My son and I recently saw the movie “Monsters University.”  I’m not going to spoil the movie for you but the basic premise of the Monsters series is that the monsters warp into the human world and scare children.  The screams gathered from the children are the primary source of energy for the monster world.

This line from the movie really stuck out to me:

The best scarers use their differences to their advantage. ~MonstersU

Think about that for a moment and while you’re thinking, let me put that into a customer service context for you.  Truly no two customer service professionals are alike and yet I personally spent the first several years of my career trying to fit them all into the same box.

Everyone has their own unique set of talents, skills, abilities and interests that they bring to the table and with that their own style for providing AWESOME service to customers.  If you choose an AWESOME attitude today the only other requirement is that you remember to use your differences to your advantage.  Happy scaring…I mean serving!


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  • Authenticity can go a long way. Many people tend to believe that they need to be like someone else to fit in and be accepted. It’s also easy to think that people who are successful are special or somehow got it all figured out, while in fact we are all special in our own ways and we should love who we are because only then we will be able to fully love and respect others.

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