What To Do With All This #Feedback?

Translated: OMG! My Kudos.

Translated: OMG! My Kudos.

With all of this talk of feedback the question still exists “What are some creative ways we can celebrate the good feedback?”  I posted the question both internally and on Twitter and asked people to use hashtag #CBFB.  I’m not going to lie.  Most of the tweets came from Jenny and me but we had a couple other great ideas come in as well.  Here’s a list of the ideas.  Feel free to comment to vote on your favorite or give us more ideas.  Winners will be announced on our hang out tomorrow.


@JordanKF suggested making wrapping paper or wall paper and covering everything in HR’s office.

@MardeMir suggested that we take the feedback and create a workshop where we use it as real examples for training scenarios.

@JennySueDempsey suggested:

  • Make a “feedbook” and each page is a collage of pics & feedback for each rep throughout the year.
  • Create a CSR landing section on our site, for all to see, with a constant roll of all the good feedback.
  • For each good feedback a CSR gets, they receive 1 “FeedBuck.” Save ’em up to spend on prizes!

@JDMAA suggested making a music video similar to this Justin Bieber video singing about all of the great feedback.

jiihbafiFrom Our CSRs

  • Jenny said we should use Vsnap to send fun responses to customers.
  • Paul suggested using the adjectives and names in our feedback to make a cool tag cloud.
  • Dorian suggested we make funny and slightly embarrassing pictures about the agent and send them out to celebrate with the team.  (See the pictures for an example)
  • Kevin suggested a monthly contest with a drawing and the more feedback you get the more chances you have to win.


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