Get That Coupon Out Of My Face!

I realize I talk about sandwich shops a lot but this one was too good to pass up.  It actually happened at a local sandwich shop a couple years ago.  My coworkers and I frequented this restaurant often and at one point I happened upon a buy-one-get-one-free coupon in the Entertainment Book.

When I presented the coupon to the store owner indicating I just wanted a sandwich, no chips and a glass of water he immediately said “I hate these Entertainment Book coupons.  People bring these in and don’t buy anything extra.  We are losing so much money on this coupon.”   We returned to the restaurant a couple weeks later to find a sign on the door that said “We no longer accept Entertainment Book coupons.”

How would you feel if a business did this to you?  When you have a coupon that isn’t expired, you expect to be able to redeem that coupon.  Always!  As a business owner, don’t give your customers a hard time because you made a bad decision.  In all honesty they may not have lost me as a customer even after that.  I really liked their sandwiches but they have since gone out of business.  Perhaps the owner had no business owning a sandwich shop.

Jeremy Watkin is the Director of Customer Experience at FCR, the premiere provider of outsourced call center and business process solutions. He has more than 17 years of experience as a customer service and experience professional. He is co-founder of the Customer Service Life blog and a regular contributor. Jeremy has been recognized many times for his thought leadership. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn for more awesome customer service and experience insights.

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