Announcing “Dealing With Difficult Customers” Week

We had such a blast in January writing about how to handle customer feedback that we decided to take the plunge and do another theme week.  This time we are going to write about dealing with difficult customers.  Let’s face it, this is and always will be a reality in customer service and is a major obstacle in our quest to become AWESOME.

By no means do we consider ourselves experts which is precisely why we have an assignment for our readers.  Here’s what you can do to help us out next week:

  • difficultRead our blog- That goes without saying.  We would love for you to read our insights and share your own comments.  Remember our whole goal here is to “Communicate Better.”
  • Share your insights on Twitter and Facebook- If you have a great insight or story about dealing with difficult customers you can tag tweets with #DWDCW or post on our Facebook wall at
  • Personal Improvement- I challenge anyone that reads our blog to take to heart what we’re talking about here and improve the way you work with difficult customers.  If you read this and realize you ARE a difficult customer, perhaps you can stand to improve as well.

In the meantime, have a terrific weekend everyone.  We are so excited to interact with you next week!


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